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Independence and Freedom for Uyghurs

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Stay on top of Uyghur latest developments on the ground with Al UFF fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps.

Uyghur Education

Uyghurs biggest mistake is we have not educated Chinese people well throughout Uyghur history. now they said "we are re-educating Uyghur. Never again. Let's edacted Uyghur People and Chinese people again.

Uyghur Culture

The Uyghur traditions being erased by China’s cultural crackdown. Let Uyghurs ally with international community to save Uyghur culture and develop Uyghur Culture.

“I will fight for Uyghur freedom and independence until the end. This indeed bumpy road. people who are pretentious for only showing up themselves for the fake actions which are not effective, are not my choice. .”

Ümit Hamit


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